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From Our Director – Jaya Canterbury-Counts

"When you feel the world's pain upon your shoulders, do something about it."
- Ma Jaya, River Fund Founder

The River Fund serves the poor, the homeless, people living with HIV/AIDS, and other life threatening illnesses, especially orphaned and vulnerable children on three continents. We serve the poorest of the poor and the most marginalized here in Florida, Uganda and India.

In August, River Fund volunteers visited ten projects in Eastern and Northern Uganda. In September, our volunteers visited the children at River Fund's Nellore, India project, Little HEARTS Orphanage

River Fund volunteers serve the poor and working poor here in Indian River County. As more government human services are cut, our help is critical.

Group leaders from six areas in Uganda gathered for a review workshop on HIV/AIDS Long Term Survival Skills & Stress Management. These women lead 25 HIV+ groups that meet for peer support, education and income generating activities.

Thirty graduates of tailoring class wearing their own designs, made on sewing machines we provided for skills training, income and school uniform production.

The River Fund sends over 600 children to school each year, providing school fees (including secondary school and trade schools) uniforms and supplies.

Busia, Uganda HIV+ group educates villagers about HIV through song and drama.

By investing in goats, pigs & chickens we have provided 100's of families including child headed households with income as well as milk & eggs. The animals are often raised communally with offspring given back to the group for the neediest families.

Bugiri, Uganda women's group sells their hand made crafts to financially support educational programs for 270 orphans.

River Fund Feed Everyone volunteers in Gifford, FL provide 700 lunches per month and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as groceries and baked goods.

In South India, forty children receive full support at Little HEARTS Orphanage. After visiting, our volunteer said, "The kids were so precious and incredibly well behaved. I was really impressed. They all had such big smiles on their faces ... it was so nice to be around their joyful energy!" Without this project many of these children would be living on the streets without access to education, regular meals or a safe place to sleep.

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Children from Florida Back To School project.

Children from Florida Back To School project.