Where We Serve

Florida, Uganda, India

Boy serving food in India.

Boy serving food in India.


We bring companionship and comfort to low-income elders, to people living with poverty and homelessness, and to adults and children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in Indian River County, Florida. The River Fund’s local grassroots program in Gifford, Florida, serves individuals and families. MORE>>


Our programs in Uganda continue to grow:

RURAL WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT NETWORK - This program started in Tororo in 2005 with the goal of helping people with AIDS live longer and healthier lives. The initial group of 35 women has trained more than 8000 others. MORE>>

RARUDO - Since 2002 we have partnered with the Rayland Rural Development Organization (RARUDO), a farm coop of about 100 mostly women-headed families. MORE>>

THE RIVER FUND WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION KITGUM - Twenty years of war in Northern Uganda have left enormous suffering and loss.  Now a fragile truce has been arranged, and the people are on the move, back to villages and farms to restart their lives. It will not be easy.  Against this background, the River Fund has begun to work with women to train others and develop grassroots networks. MORE>>


Little Hearts Orphanage in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India cares for children whose parents died from AIDS. Nellore has a very high occurrence of HIV. The orphanage is now home to 45 girls and boys from ages 3 – 14. These children attend school, are fed three meals a day, clothed, and given medical care. They are healthy and happy and loved. MORE>>